PYC Fishing Competition Rules



Portrush Yacht Club Sea fishing competition
23rd or 24th July 2016
General rules and safe practise to be carried out during the competition.
All persons taking part must have read these rules and safety points listed and have signed this competition agreement before being allowed to enter it. Portrush Yacht Club will NOT be held liable or responsible for any accident, loss, injury, theft, of any kind to any person while they are taking part in this boat fishing competition.
All boat operators must be suitably experienced and insured to operate the vessel under their control, as they are liable for any accident, injury, loss, damage, to anyone on their boat or to any other boat and its competitors if as a result of their actions an accident, loss, damage or injury results there from.
Safety. All boats must have relevant safety equipment i.e. VHF, Flares, sufficient lifejackets for the number of persons on board. Numbers of persons on board each boat must not exceed manufacturer’s recommended maximum number of occupants.
All Competitors must wear a life jacket whilst at sea. Follow all instructions from skipper of the boat they are on. Any misconduct will not be tolerated and may lead to exclusion from the competition.
General Rules

You must have registered, have paid £5 and have signed the agreement to take part in this competition.
The species list shows the points to be awarded for catching each species. Once you have caught that species no further points will be awarded for further specimens of that species.
All species caught count there is no minimum size limit.
Boats leave the harbour at 10 am fishing can commence once you are in open water, no fishing in the harbour. All fishing must stop and 2.30pm. Return to harbour after 3pm you will be disqualified.

Each competitor is responsible for filling in his own species caught list, ensuring he has highlighted to those on his boat what he has caught at the time of catching it.
Strictly a maximum of 3 hooks fishing at any one time. No restriction on type of bait used.
All species caught must be landed on to the boat, no marks awarded for lost fish at the surface.
In the interest of preserving fish stocks this is a catch and release completion, unless you are taking it home for consumption.
Any violation of the above will lead to disqualification.
Competitor must sign to confirm they have read the rules and safety points above and agree to abide by them.