Alasdair Wreck/Shore Ringhaddy Strangford lough Sheltered Experienced sport
Archis Boat /Scenic North wall Rathlin Exposed to north Experienced
Balentoy Shore Dive North Antrim anything but North Anyone
Bangor Wreck Portaferry Exposed Experienced
Black rock Rathlin Boat /Scenic Rathlin Exposed to South Experienced
blue pool Shore Dive Portrush Sheltered from west Anyone
Carnlough scalop beds Boat /Scenic Carnlough Exposed to North Experienced Sport
Chirripo Wreck Belfast lough Whitehead Exposed Experienced
Clementine Wreck Cushendun Bay Exposed to East Anyone
Cushendall gully Shore Cushendun Sheltered Anyone
Cushendall new gully Shore Red Bay Sheltered Anyone
Cushendall North Boat Red Bay Sheltered Anyone
Dunseveric Shore North cost west of Bushmills Sheltered from south Anyone
Fowl Grounds Boat /Scenic Portstewart Exposed to North Sport
Garron Point Shore South of Glenarm Sheltered from south Anyone
Gloster Rock Boat/Scenic Malinbeg Shelterd to north Sports
HMS Drake Boat Rathlin Shelterd Anyone
Kalliopis Boat Donegall Exposed Anyone
Karanan Boat Copeland Island Exposed Dive leader
Lees Wreck Wreck Portaferry Sheltered Anyone
Limeburner Boat Donegall Exposed Anyone
little_Skerrie Boat /Scenic Portrush Exposed to North Sport
Lochgarry Wreck\Boat Rathlin Exposed to North Experienced/Sport
Massmount Shore Donegall Sheltered Anyone
Merloch bay Shore Dive Fair Head Sheltered west Anyone
Mulroy Bay Boat Donegall Exposed Experienced
Paradise Cavern Scenic/Boat Burtonport Exposed Anyone
Peridot Shore Wreck Skernaghan Point at Browns Bay Island magee Sheltered south Anyone
Pinnacle Rock Boat Burtonport Exposed Anyone
Portnahaple Shore Portstewart Exposed to North Anyone
Portrush Harbour Shore Portrush Sheltered Anyone
Ramore head Scenic/Boat Portrush Exposed to West Anyone
Ramore head Point Scenic/Boat Portrush Exposed to West Anyone
Rathlin O'Birne Island Boat/Scenic Malinbeg Exposed Sports
Sard Shore Wreck Between Portrush and Portstewart Exposed to north Anyone
Skerries Scenic Boat Dive Portrush Exposed Anyone
Skerries_black_rock Scenic/Boat Portrush Exposed Anyone
Skerries_canon Scenic/Boat Portrush Sheltered Anyone
Skerries_Gully Scenic/Boat Portrush Exposed Anyone
Skerries_North wall Scenic/Boat Portrush Exposed Experience /Sports
Skerries_patato wreck Scenic/Boat Portrush Exposed Experience /Sports
Skiforde Boat/wreck Burtonport Exposed Sports
St Johns Point Shore Donegall Sheltered Anyone
St Roneg Wreck/Boat Tore Head Exposed Experience
State of Loweseana Wreck/Boat Larne Exposed Anyone
Taymouth Castle Wreck Cushendun Exposed from East Anyone
Templemore Wreck Ballycastle Exposed Sports
thrush Shore South of Glenarm Exposed from east Anyone
Tiberia Boat Belfast Lough Exposed Experienced
Towy Wreck Between Portrush and Portstewart Exposed Anyone
Waterfoot old pear Shore Waterfoot Exposed from East Anyone