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The immediate area around Portrush produces the usual species of fish e.g., Codling, Pollock, Whiting, Dab’s, Wrasse, Dogfish, Mackerel, etc For those prepared to travel, better fishing can be found around Rathlin, middle bank, pinnacles, and far off wrecks. Charter Boats report some good catches, double figure Cod, Tope, Spur dog, bull huss etc.

We wouldn’t say that you could feed your family for a year on the fish caught, but for those who just enjoy getting out and about on the water it’s a great past time. PYC boatowners arrange informal social trips which are very enjoyable, especially on a beautiful calm summers evening. Summer 2013 was one to remember with Van the Man playing at Dunluce and some of the boats from PYC listening in from the sea on a beautiful Portrush evening. We are all looking forward to a great summer in 2014.

The Sea Angling Section are interested in trying to organise one or more charter fishing trips for members etc., so that families would have an opportunity to come and try it. Depending on interest and experience of those who would like a chance to take part, it could be a 2-3 hour trip or an adventure into deeper water for those wanting to hunt better size fish. If you’re interested in giving it a go, boats will need to be booked early. Likewise, places on the boat are limited, so contact Tim Nelson Sea Angling secretary at PYC or via Twitter and Facebook page.

Anyone wishing to discuss future potential competitions in house or otherwise just for a bit of 'Craic' please let Tim know.

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Sea Angling News

PYC Sea fishing Section. Report on the season so far.
I like many others are getting out as and when possible, the weather has been kind with some very sunny calm days which always makes everyone feel better. The season started with the usual smaller Pollock and Coley around the Skerries etc. On a trip to Rathlin in the middle of May I caught my first mackerel of the season off Bull point lighthouse along with a few smaller Pollock and Coley, towards the end of May these early large mackerel were showing in numbers around the Skerries. The Harbour has filled with more and more fishing boats as the season progressed, those that managed to get out have brought back positive feedback as to their catches. As the first week of June started the early Mackerel seem to have moved on as expected, hopefully with the good weather the normal summer run will show up on time, without the 6 week delay like last year?
Within the last week there has been a few good size Pollock caught around the rough ground locally, plus a few take able size Cod and Ling showing up if you persevere. On the betters days I managed to venture over to Donegal’s coastline and explore what fish were to be caught (which at the moment is very much like our local catches) taking time to try a spot of Tope fishing on the way back with some positive results managing to get several on board, losing an equal amount on the way up, the largest being 5 feet in length, other boats reporting similar fun and games. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Tope are a member of the shark family, a summer visitor who can travel at speed, up to 35 miles in a day, once hooked they speed away from you fighting as they go, using their many sharp teeth to chew through your line, as you try and I mean try and control their escape, never mind bring them in, heavy nylon and wire traces often break as well as hooks straighten as they put up a serious fight to get away, these are purely catch and release fish but there’s plenty of excitement with them. 
While returning from a trip to Donegal I came across a large school of dolphins off Portstewart which are a treat to see close up , on a different trip a week later just off the Skerries I came across a school of porpoises, so keep an eye out for them if you’re out there. With the weather being as good as it is at the moment it’s a pleasure to just be afloat and the fish are a bonus.

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